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5 Gifts for the Woman who has Everything

There is nothing more difficult than trying to find a Gift for the Woman who has Everything,  everything you think of she already has!  Everything she wants she gets! I have faced this issue over and over again with my mum.  She is the kind of lady that when she wants something she finds a way to get it.

Throughout the year we are repeatedly faced with an impossible question…. What do you buy for the woman who has everything? Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and easter the gift buying seasons keep coming.

We have put together this guide, 5 Gifts for the Woman who has everything, to give you a helping hand on what to buy for her. We have a selection of Products to show you along with some handy tips to make sure you find the perfect gift for her! Product Prices are subject to change and stock availability.

We have included new items on the market, sentimental gifts, pampering gifts and home made ideas. You will be sure to find something on the list to treat the woman who has everything in your life for a range of Budgets.

Let’s get started! 

  1. The latest Beauty Gadget– The Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer. (Budget: £250)

It doesn’t come much more luxurious that this one.  It is something you really don’t think you need until you try it then she won’t switch back to her old hairdryer. From the moment she opens the box there will be no doubts on quality and design of this revolutionary product. This stylish gift is going to revolutionise the way she does her hair.  

Dyson Hair Dryer
Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer, find it here

Dyson enlisted the help of some of the world’s top hair stylists and engineers to make sure this product is worth every penny! The hairdryer is presented in a stunning luxury box with everything she needs to get going.  From the moment she opens the box there will be no doubts on quality and design of this revolutionary product.

Get ready to go straight to the top of her favourites list! She’s about to try a product that will change the way she styles her hair forever.  She is getting a lightweight hairdryer, which doesn’t really sound that important until you try spending even 20 mins drying your hair with a conventional dryer.  It really makes your arms ache.

Dyson has turned convention on its head and redesigned the hair dryer by putting the motor in the handle. This change has rebalanced the dryer’s weight and shape, allowing you to dry your hair for longer without getting that pesky arm ache. If she is the kind of lady that enjoys styling her hair then she will never go back once she tries this top of the range product.  

She is also getting a sleek smooth finish from a specialist in air flow in a fraction of the time.  This hair dryer is revolutionary and delivers smooth healthy hair thanks to its air flow technology and heat control.  The Dyson Hair Dryer even checks the temperature 20 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage to protect her natural shine.  Trust us she will adore this! Find it here whilst stocks last.

2.   Something to make the day extra special– The Hibiscus Flower in Champagne (Budget: Under £15) 

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Champagne
Wild Hibiscus Flowers In Syrup- find it Here

Nothing screams special occasion like a beautiful flower opened up in a Champagne glass full to the brim! This stunning gift will make any occasion extra Special.  If she likes entertaining and things of beauty then this one is for her.  It is such an unusual gift at such a great price. She will be blown away by this simple yet stunning gift. All she needs to do is put one of the flowers into the bottom of the glass with a little syrup and top with Champagne/sparkling wine and the flower opens up the reveal it’s Beauty!

Or even better, surprise her at dinner with a stunning glass of Champagne and watch her delight!  You are getting 11 flowers per jar here so enough for the entire family on special occasions!

The syrup is delicately flavoured with raspberry and rhubarb and goes beautifully with sparkling wine or Champagne.  Maybe if your feeling extra generous you can add a bottle too! Find it here whilst stocks last.

3. The Gift of Fragrance (Budget: £15-£100)

Ok so this one is going to need a little more detective work.  So you know she loves fragrance but which one? There is such a wide variety of fragrances on the market that it would be near impossible for the average person to guess what scent somebody wears without having some background knowledge.  

But hey knowledge is key, so I am going to give you a few hints and tricks to get round this.  So if I’m looking for a fragrance for a partner, mother, friend or sister I usually have access to their house.  If you want to know what fragrance your woman who has everything loves then your going to need to take a look!  

Head over to her bedroom, bathroom or dressing room and let’s find out.  So I hear you screaming but it’s not that easy she has load’s of fragrance.  Well yes, she may, but which does she use? The empty one! That’s right if the bottle is running low then she likes to use it!  I know your thinking but she may have just got some more, sure, but then fragrance wouldn’t make a great gift if she only has full bottles.  

I have plenty bottles of perfume’s myself and some of them unwanted gifts.  But the unwanted bottles are… well… full.  Don’t be too disappointed if you see last year’s Christmas present sat gathering dust.  Check out our Range of gift sets for here on


4- The Special Notebook- Rocketweb Smart Reusable Notebook (Budget: Under £30)

I feel bad showing you this because your likely going to buy one for yourself as well as a gift for her! So this little genius invention is a notebook which you can easily create digital copies of your notes with and then microwave the book and start again.  Yes I said Microwave…. not the kind of cooking she had in mind I’m sure.  

This book comes with a handy app which will upload your notes to a variety of different programs from Email to OneNote.  When you finished uploading your notes, you literally put it in the microwave and it magically transforms the pages back to original blank sheets ready for you to use again!

This little beauty causes quite a stare in the office I can assure you!  Ideal for the lady who loves being ahead of the game,  takes notes and is super organised.  Welcome to new the world!

Rocketbook Wave Smart Reusable Notebook, find it here

4- Our Top Seller- Thierry Mugler Angel Gift Set (Budget: Under £80)

This product is our top seller due to it’s stunning range of products and bargain price, reduced from £156.  This set doesn’t hold back on goodies, it contains 4 different iconic Angel fragranced products presented in a stunning box.  

Your giving her a gift which screams expensive and let’s her try new things like the fragranced Hair Mist, which is fast becoming a trend product.  The second you take the bottle out of the box you are presented with  the iconic star shape which reflects light with the unmistakable blue liquid inside.  

The set contains a 50ml Eau de Perfume, a 200ml Body Cream, a 100ml Shower Gel and a 30ml Hair Mist. Find it here with free delivery.

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum 50ml
Thierry Mugler Angel Gift Set
Thierry Mugler Angel Gift Set, find it here

5. GHD- Premium Gold Nocturne Gift Set (Budget under £140)

Give her the gift of great hair with the best hair heat styling product brand on the market, GHD.  This product can be used to straighten or curl hair and is ready to go in only 30 seconds,  giving her one product for both needs.  She is getting a stunning styler in a glimmering purple finish to adorn her dresser. The set also contains a handy heat proof bag and an Opt Nail Polish.  

GHD Straighteners
GHD Straighteners, Premium Gold Nocturne Gift Set, find it here.

Feel free to add your own ideas or comments below, its always great to have tried and tested methods! Happy shopping and we hope you find the perfect gift to make her smile.

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