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How to apply No Makeup Makeup like the Celebs

No Makeup Makeup

In a world of Instagram and Beauty Bloggers we are used to seeing high coverage bright makeup looks with exaggerated brows and strong coloured eyeshadows. But is this here to stay?

Is it time we started to appreciate our natural look and moved to a more ‘enhance what you have got’ mindset rather than caking on the foundation to try and replicate a filter?

Recently the celebrities and bloggers seam to be moving for a more natural look with the boom of no makeup makeup. In this movement we are seeing natural glowing skin with features enhanced with the focus on radiance.

More and more celebrities are being seen out and about without the heavy makeup and posting natural selfies on social media including instagram. In a world that was filters and makeup things are changing. We are seeing more and more beauty brands coming onto the market that focus on natural glowing skin with a powerhouse of natural products.

Check out these Celebrities showing that Natural is Beautiful on Social Media:

Alicea Keys has had a major influence on this movement when she appeared to attend the Grammys Makeup free. She announced 3 years ago that she would ditch the makeup but truth be told she was wearing makeup at the Grammys. She achieved the no Makeup Makeup look so perfectly that thousands of journalists reported she was makeup free.

So how do we achieve the No Makeup Makeup look?

It’s all about the preparation…. Check out our tips below to achieve this stunning look.

Skincare Routine for No Makeup Makeup

You need to step up your skincare routine. Move your budget from your makeup products and start investigating in some performance Skincare. Todays skincare products have far surpassed the performance of the past. It’s important to stick to a daily routine that your skin will thank you for.

For makeup to look natural on the skin you need to prepare it first. Make sure you apply a serum and moisturiser to the skin before applying your makeup. Attention should be payed to massaging this into the skin and if you feel your skin needs it, apply another layer.

Jade Rollers are perfect for massaging products into the skin, just roll over your face after applying each product.

Base Routine for No Makeup Makeup

You can make use of your existing foundations by mixing in a little oil to produce a more translucent finish. This is how Alecia’s foundation was applied at the Grammys. You can even use a Jade Roller like Alecia’s Makeup artist did to press this into the skin, which is also great over your skincare products.

If your coverage feels a little too light you can apply another layer on top until you achieve the desired look. Apply your makeup a few hours before you plan to go out to allow it to settle. Skip the powders so your natural glow can skin through, use blotting papers throughout the day if you feel you are becoming too oily.

Apply a subtle highlighter to the cheek bones but don’t overdo it. You are looking for a subtle sheen not a sparkly block. Make sure you avoid highlighters which contain noticeable glitters, go for a subtle sheen in a light natural tone avoiding colours like pink. If you over apply use your beauty blender sponge to remove some.

Avoid dark bronzers and stick with a natural pink blusher, apply to the cheek bones and blend out. You are looking for a natural wash of colour to make you look healthy. If you over apply, again go over with the beauty blender to tone down.

Eye Routine for No Makeup Makeup

Again preparation is key here. For eyelashes ditch the falsies and start improving what you have. There is a wide range of products on the market to help you achieve a longer full set of lashes.

Our personal favourite and a favourite with Celebrity Megan Markle is Revitalash. They offer Revitalash Advanced Conditioners for your Eyelashes and Revitabrow Advanced Conditioners for your brows. Revitalash helps to improve the health of the hairs and as a result you get stronger, thicker and longer lashes and brows. See the full range here.

Eyelashes should be kept as natural as possible but you still want to achieve the awake look. Make sure you remove your mascara at night to allow them to grow and remove the hard product. Plus in the morning you will be grateful for a fresh set of lashes to apply your product to. Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler to make your eyes appear more awake and get a great curl on the lashes.

Then apply a layer of mascara and allow it to dry. Use an eyelash comb to remove any lumps and separate the lashes, If you feel you need more, apply a second layer, but leave it there. Brown mascaras are great for lighter hair tones and appear less harsh than black on paler skin tones. If you get any mascara on your skin remove it using a damp cotton bud.

Try out a white eyeliner on the water line to widen the look of your eyes. Keep eyeshadows nude or skip completely and just use some of your foundation on the lids.

Brows should be neat but not block filled with colour. Eyebrow mascaras are great for this as they allow you to coat the hairs with colour and they do not leave a block colour. Apply a coat at a time being careful not to apply to the skin. Then use a concealer in a light shade on a makeup brush to highlight the shape. Run the brush under the arch of the brow to create a light emphasis.

Lip Routine for No Makeup Makeup

Lip care is equally as important as skincare and is often over looked. You need to keep your lips soft and free of dry patches to allow your natural lip shade to shine through.

Use an old toothbrush and some lip balm to remove any dead flakes. Apply the lip balm to your lips then gently buff over with the toothbrush, old mascara wands also work well for this. Be careful not to press too hard as the lip skin is thin and you don’t want to damage the surface.

Make sure you carry a lip balm with you to keep your lips soft throughout the day and this will give you a subtle shine to the lips.

If you are unhappy with your natural lip colour you can help achieve a darker shade by using lip plumping glosses. Lip Plumper contain ingredients to help increase the blood flow in the lips which in turn gives you more colour. Go for a clear lip plumper for this.

If you do not have a lip plumper you can also apply a natural shade of lipstick and then remove the colour using a tissue. This will leave a wash of colour without the harshness of full on lipstick.

So here you have it, our perfect formula to achieve the No Makeup Makeup look. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below as we would love to hear from you. Have you tried this? Tell us how it went.

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