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How to Apply Revitalash Serum

So you have your secret weapon for your Eyelashes or maybe you are still thinking of trying it. Now you are wondering how to apply Revitalash Serum…. Don’t worry this guide will talk you through how to apply it to achieve maximum results.

When you receive your Revitalash it will arrive inside a lovely box. Within the box is a handy leaflet and a bottle of Revitalash. A new unopened bottle of Revitalash Serum will last 2 years and an opened bottle will last 1 year. So feel free to stock up on this wonder product.

When to Apply Revitalash Serum

You can choose to apply Revitalash in the morning or the evening. The important point to note on this is that you should only apply Revitalash once a day.

Do not be tempted to apply it more than once as it is a strong product and once really is enough for optimum results. You won’t see any extra results for applying more than once and will just be using up the serum faster.

A regular routine of once per day is best for maximum results. Find the best fit for you and your routine, I like to apply mine after brushing my teeth in the morning and keep the bottle in the bathroom so I don’t forget.

Some say it is better to apply in the morning to avoid any product rubbing off during the night but as long you have allowed the 5 min drying time you would be fine.

How to Apply Revitalash Serum

Start with your eyelashes being clean and dry, don’t be tempted to apply the product right after washing your face so the lashes have time to dry fully. It is always best to apply with cleans hands also.

Remove the wand from the bottle by unscrewing the lid. The bottle is designed to remove excess product as you remove the wand, a little bit does magic! You only need a tiny amount of the product and this is why a bottle lasts so long.

Revitalash Serum Application

Apply one thin stroke of the product using the wand applicator across the base of the top lid eyelashes where they meet the skin.

You only need one lash stroke of the product, there is no need to re-soak the brush midway through one eye. Reload the product for the other eye and repeat.

Replace the wand back into the bottle and twist the lid to secure and keep the serum fresh.

You are going to need to give Revitalash 5 mins to dry before you apply any other products to the area. Revitalash has been specifically designed to work with other products and cosmetics but you need to give it time to dry.

Once you have achieved your desired results you can reduce application to 2-3 times per week to maintain your beautiful lashes. If you stop application your lashes will eventually return to their original appearance.

Results can be seen within 4-6 weeks and you only need one bottle to notice a difference! Your eyelashes have a growth cycle so results can vary slightly dependant on when you start.

Summary Steps

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Apply Revitalash Serum

  1. Clean

    Start with clean dry eyelashes and hands

  2. Apply

    Apply one thin line of Revitalash Serum to the base of the top lashes where they join the skin

  3. Allow to dry

    Allow to dry for 5 mins before applying any other products.

  4. Only apply once

    Only apply once per day, morning or evening.

  5. Reduce usage

    Reduce usage to 2-3 times per week when you achieve your desired result

How to Apply Revitalash Video

Check out this handy video to how easy applying Revitalash really is!

Where to Buy

We offer a range of Revitalash products in various sizes, so if you a regular fan or new starter you can find the right size for you. Don’t loose the results you have achieved by stopping using the product, your eyelashes will start to return back to the way they was before you started using Revitalash.

You can buy one off bottles of Revitalash Serums here:

If you wear eyelash extensions you can still use this product to help conditioner your eyelashes. You should apply in the exact same way at the root of the lash.

We hope you find this guide useful and you now know how to apply Revitalash Serum. Please feel free to leave us any questions or comments below and we will get back to you.

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